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Turnaround print media business with the help of tech and innovation

Duration : 2 Months

Challenges : Print media has been one of the first industries to be disrupted by technology.
Siamsport has its largest portion of revenue in print media which has been sharply declining to the point of “innovate or die.”

Project execution


Our first task was to diagnose their existing business and identify assets that could potentially be valuable for a turnaround. It turned out that they have two valuable assets, millions of online user base and operation in e-sports. We then go on to formulate strategies to turnaround the business and let our clients select the one that is most appropriate.

Once the direction has been steered, we planned experiments to validate the business ideas with potential clients and domain experts. The most promising business idea was esport tournament organizing platform which would bring e-sport expertise and existing client base into a good use. We wrote out a full-fledge business plan along with forecast.



The idea was receptive by potential early adopters and domain experts but the market is not yet ready as there are still many regulatory and cultural headwinds ahead. The client decided to wait and will revisit again when the issues cleared up.

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