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Introduce the latest health device to consumers in Thailand

Duration : 3 Months

Challenges : Samitivej needed a way to sell a new home-use medical device in Thailand. The problem was that the device has to be used in conjunction with telemedicine, which has been around for a while but is far from being adopted in the country.

Project Execution

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We knew that the new device will only be sold if the telemedicine is widely adopted so we started off identifying problems in telemedicine adoption. Along the way we learned that the success of telemedicine depends largely on the healthcare landscape, in which Thailand is very unique, making it extremely difficult for telemedicine to be adopted naturally. Creating a new demand is therefore crucial to success, so we reimagined a whole new healthcare value chain where telemedicine and the new device have their own places.

Technology gap is another obstacle as the new device needed to integrate into the existing complicated telemedicine infrastructure. MFEC tech specialists were there to design and integrate the system, taking into account needs of multiple stakeholders with patient’s data and privacy top of mind.



Distribution goal exceeded. The integration was completed within the timeframe. The new device was launched into the market just in time to help patients and healthcare professionals during Covid-19 pandemic.

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