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Accelerate the adoption of telemedicine in Thailand

Duration : 6 Months

Challenges : Telemedicine has been proven a success all around the globe but not well received and adopted in Thailand despite having low doctor/population ratio and high internet penetration, a perfect condition for Telemedicine to flourish.

Project Execution


Our mission was to accelerate the adoption to reach 10x users within 6 months.

The first task was user research, we needed to be able to group customers into different segmentation, identify early adopters and get an answer to why patients don’t adopt the technology. We worked with Samitivej to draw out a strategy plan, project timeline and started the execution by the beginning of the second month.

During the execution process, we had to work closely with people from various departments: healthcare professionals, operators and sales to get the execution happen as planned.
The real challenge came in when Covid-19 struck; the whole plan had to be revised to get the project moving when social distancing kicked in, while trying to get the best out of the tough situation.



New customer targets discovered. New services and features were launched according to clients’ needs. 10X more visits within the first 4 months of execution.

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