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Venture Lab

Fuelled by innovation 

and creativity


“There’s no innovation

without experimentation”

Venture Lab since 2019

Innovation within the organization does not occur overnight. It is a result of an extensive amount of incubation and cultivation from within until the organizational climate is right and the steady flow of new ideas becomes organizational practice.

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Our services

Venture Lab foster innovation at all stages. Whether you are an organization undergoing a process of transformation, a business looking for a technology partner or a startup founder looking for funding, Venture Lab are the right place for you.

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Helping corporations innovate in 
the startup way

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A startup studio

Looking for potential partnership 
with corporations to co-build 
innovative ideas

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Being a partner who co-build the startup with the founders


Our portfolio

Out of hundreds of business ideas, only a handful of ideas get selected through our strict metrics, validated by experts from all relevant domains, built by our experienced developers and brought to life by our business builders.

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Tech talent on demand

Our blog

We use the term “Venture Builder” quite often. No surprise, Venture Lab is a Venture Builder in Thailand and we truly believe this is the future of how new products and businesses will be created, developed and grown. But what does the term really mean?

You can read our blog to learn more about Venture Builder.

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